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Courses Outline


CBD 101 Human Resource Management and Development
CBD 102 Management of Training Function (MTF)
CBD 103 Training in Psychology, Guidance & Counselling Techniques
CBD 104 Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Management
CBD 105 Advanced Human Resource Management (Policy & Strategy)
CBD 106 Advanced Training of Trainers (TOT)
CBD 107 Senior Management Development Programme
CBD 108 Pension and Social Security Planning & Administration
CBD 109 Performance Management and Development
CBD 110 Advanced Human Resource and Performance Management
CBD 111 Remuneration and Benefits Management 
CBD 112 Human Resource Information Systems 
CBD 113 Retirement Planning Management



CBD 120 Management Development Programme for Executive Secretary & Personal Assistants
CBD 121  Advanced Diploma for Executive Secretary & Personal Assistants 
CBD 122  Public Administration Management 
CBD 123  Organizational Performance Management and Effectiveness 
CBD 124  Public Management and Corporate Governance 
CBD 125  Strategic Management for Corporate Governance 
CBD 126  Strategic Leadership Management 
CBD 127  Office Management and Administration 
CBD 128  Public Policy Development, Formulation and Evaluation 
CBD 129  Policy Formulation, Implementation and Evaluation 
CBD 130 Advanced Management & Policy Development
CBD 131  Organizational Change and Development Management
CBD 132  Conflict Management and Resolution Strategy
CBD 133  Public Management and Corporate Governance
CBD 134  Planning and Organizational Strategy for Public Sector Management
CBD 135  Strategic Skills for Administrative Professionals
CBD 136  Effective Report, Minute Writing and Presentation Skills
CBD 137  Industrial Relations Management
CBD 138  International Protocol, Ethics and Etiquette Management
CBD 139  Public Debt Management


CBD 140  Strategic Workforce Planning Management
CBD 141  Skill Acquisition And Capacity Development
CBD 142  Supervisory Skills for Supervisors / Manager
CBD 143  Advanced Diploma In Management And Administration
CBD 144  Front Desk and Receptionist Skills Management
CBD 145  Public-Private Partnership Management
CBD 146  International Relations and Diplomacy
CBD 147  Total Quality Management (TQM)
CBD 148  Library Management and Administration 
CBD 149 Public Enterprise Management




CBD 150 Project Analysis Management
CBD 151 Project Management For Donor Funded Project
CBD 152 Project and Environmental Management
CBD 153 Monitoring and Evaluation of Development Projects
CBD 154 Finance and Project Management for NGOs
CBD 155 Advanced Diploma in Project Management
CBD 156 Project Management Information System
CBD 157 Management and Implementation of Development Projects
CBD 158 Participatory Monitoring & Evaluation (PPME)
CBD 159  Project Fundraising and Resource Mobilization Strategy
CBD 160 Results-Based Management
CBD 161 Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation
CBD 162 Project Monitoring and Evaluation Strategies
CBD 163 Sector -Wide Approach Management (SWAP)



CBD 170 Financial Risk Management
CBD 171 Financial Management of Donor Funded Project
CBD 172 Financial Management and Budgeting
CBD 173 Finance for Non-Financial Managers
CBD 174 Financial Management for Public Sector Management
CBD 175 Budgetary and Public Expenditure Management
CBD 176 Management of Internal Audit Function
CBD 177 Credit Management and Administration
CBD 178 Management of Foreign Aid (World Bank/ADB Funded Project)
CBD 179 Credit and Debt Management
CBD 180 Fraud Detection, Prevention and Control
CBD 181 Diploma in Computerized Financial Management
CBD 182 National Accounting Management
CBD 183 Advanced Diploma in Financial Management
CBD 184 Treasury Management
CBD 185 SAGE Pastel Accounting
CBD 186 Micro Finance Policy Developments
CBD 187 Public Financial Management: Reporting & Audit
CBD 188 Accounts Payable And Account Receivable
CBD 189 Tax Policy, Fiscal Analysis and Revenue Forecasting



CBD 190 Strategy Rural Development Management (SRDM)
CBD 191 Agricultural Extension and Rural Development
CBD 192 Rural Agribusiness Development and Extension Techniques
CBD 193 Rural Cooperative Techniques and Marketing
CBD 194 Rural Micro-Credit Management
CBD 195 Advanced Diploma in Rural Development and Extension Management
CBD 196 Management of Rural Poverty Alleviation Projects
CBD 197 Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation of Agricultural Extension Programme
CBD 198 Sustainable Forest Management
CBD 199 Agricultural Food Marketing and Export Management


CBD 200 Natural Resource Management and Sustainability
CBD 201 Environmental Management and Development
CBD 202 Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
CBD 203 Sanitation and Pollution Control
CBD 204 Water Sanitation Planning and Management
CBD 205 Sustainable Irrigation Management
CBD 206 Geographic Information System Management (GIS)
CBD 207 Strategic Environmental Assessment
CBD 208 Solid Waste Management
CBD 209 Environmental Planning and Management in Urban Design
CBD 210 Water Technology Engineering Management
CBD 211 Energy Management and Planning
CBD 212 Energy Project Monitoring and Evaluation
CBD 213 Energy for Sustainable Development
CBD 214 Renewable Energy
CBD 215 Mining Geology
CBD 216 Surface Mining
CBD 217 Mining Surveying
CBD 218 Mining Machinery
CBD 219 Negotiation and Conflict Management in Community & Protected Areas
CBD 220 Public Health Service Management and Administration
CBD 221 Management of Public Health Reform
CBD 222 Disaster Management
CBD 223 Palliative Care for HIV. AIDS Management
CBD 224 HIV/AIDS Treatment Management
CBD 225 Advocacy, Communication & Behavioural Change (HIV/AIDS)
CBD 226 Occupational Health and Safety Management
CBD 227 Diploma in Disaster Management
CBD 228 Managing Sustainable Primary Health Care
CBD 229 Advanced Leadership Strategies for Health Care Executives
CBD 230 Monitoring & Evaluation of HIV and AIDS Programmes
CBD 231 Environmental Health Management
CBD 240 Gender Issues For Sustainable Development and Poverty Alleviation
CBD 241 HIV/AIDS in Gender Research Project
CBD 242 Training the Gender Trainer
CBD 243 Women Empowerment, Gender Issues and Sustainable Development
CBD 244 Gender Mainstreaming in Public Service Management
CBD 245 Gender Advocacy, Networking and Strategy Management
CBD 246 Capacity Building for Effective Management and Leadership for Gender Managers
CBD 247 Gender Management and Development
CBD 260 Store and Inventory Management
CBD 261 Goods and Equipment Procurement
CBD 262 Tendering for Public Procurement Management
CBD 263 Procurement for Organizational Management
CBD 264 Logistics, Material and Procurement Management
CBD 265 Diploma in Purchasing Management
CBD 266 Contract Management Planning
CBD 267 e-Procurement
CBD 268 Public Sector Procurement Management
CBD 269 Asset Maintenance and Management
CBD 270 Procurement Fraud Identification, Investigation and Prevention
CBD 271 Logistics and Supply Chain Management
CBD 272 Procurement of Consultants (World Ban/AFDB)
CBD 273 Effective Tender Preparation and Evaluation Techniques
CBD 274 Warehouse and Distribution Management
CBD 275 E-Procurement & EPC Contract Management
CBD 280 Strategic Marketing Management
CBD 281 International Marketing Strategy
CBD 282 Agricultural Produce Marketing and Export Strategy
CBD 283 Diploma in Public Relations and Customer Care
CBD 284 Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Sale Management
CBD 285 Quality Customer Service Management
CBD 286 SME Development and Management
CBD 287 Customer Relations Management (CRM)
CBD 288 Public Relations & Event Management
CBD 290 Heritage and Museum Management
CBD 291 Sustainable Tourism Management and Development
CBD 292 Tourism, Leisure Management & Development
CBD 293 Tourism & Hotel Management
CBD 294 E-Tourism Management
CBD 295 Eco-Tourism Development
CBD 296 Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas
CBD 297 Policy Development for Sustainable Tourism
CBD 298 Human Resource Management in Tourism & Hospitality
CBD 301 Strategic Record and Information Management
CBD 302 Computer Programme for Executive Assistants
CBD 303 System Analysis and Design
CBD 304 Computer Skill for Data Record Management
CBD 305 e-Government
CBD 306 Information Education & Communication (IEC) Management
CBD 307 Electronic Record Management


CBD 311 Computerized Applications in Project Management
CBD 312 Computerized Applications for Monitoring and Evaluation
CBD 313 Computerized Financial Management
CBD 314 PC Hardware and Software Management
CBD 315 Computerized Application in Finance and Accounting
CBD 316 Computer Applications for Managers
CBD 317 Computerized Draughting using AutoCAD
CBD 318 3 Dimensional Design using AutoCAD
CBD 319 Java Script
CBD 320 SQL Server Design and Implementation
CBD 321 Website Development and Management
CBD 330 Transportation Management System
CBD 330 Environmental Programme for Road Maintenance Management
CBD 330 Transport and Logistics Management
CBD 330 Transport Investment and Operations Management
CBD 330 Modern Port Management and Reform
CBD 330 Road Maintenance Management