Our Experience

The expertise and experience of our team of consultants places us in a unique position to provide our clients with effective, results-oriented process consultation, collaborative planning, follow-up and evaluation.

We assist organizations in identifying and implementing much needed change processes and leadership necessary for organizational development and effectiveness to achieve corporate objectives and to meet the challenges as faced by contemporary business organizations. At Cranbrook, we promise confidentiality, professionalism, and to regularly provide clients with new ideas and perspectives. We believe in adding value and thereby forming strategic partnership with our client organizations.

To monitor and ensure further success of the implementation of change processes, we provide:

  • Audits and dipsticks to measure current status and desired future status
  • Action plans for the implementation of change and transformation
  • Evaluation of initial impact and ongoing effectiveness of processes, programs and projects.
  • Feedback and advice on corrective or additional actions
  • Client updates on new developments

Our team is committed to provide clients with appropriate solutions, customized to suit their unique needs.

how can we help you?

To contact us, call/whatsapp +2348031119712 or submit a business inquiry online. You can also visit our office at No 3, Adeola Adeleye Street, Ilupeju, Lagos state, Nigeria.

More than 13 Years of

200 Training Completed
200 Satisfied

Our Expertise

Cranbrook has first-hand experience in a wide variety of change initiatives for a decade, has enabled us to establish a range of well-established skills to enable organizations to implement change initiatives successfully. Over the years we have consolidated our experience into a body of replicable theory and practices, while also designing a wide spectrum of field-tested tools, which significantly increase the probability of successful change and project management.

Our expertise include the following:

  • Facilitating the establishment of reaching agreement of a set of integrated Strategic Focus Areas
  • Ensuring the support of divers stakeholders, (i.e. particular management, worker leaders, unions and the workforce)
  • Restructuring power relationships between non-executive boards, executive boards, unions and operational management in ways that reinforce the desired systems of governance within the organization
  • Establishing formal interactive structures between stakeholder groups and management
  • Training of in-house facilitators to conduct internal programmes and further ensure the transfer of intellectual capital to the organization.
  • Complex conflict resolution and facilitation to ensure the optimum commitment of all stakeholders
  • Development of in-house Academy programmes for emergent leadership to become change agents to champion and drive change initiatives within the organization.


Cranbrook has well qualified with extensive experience staff in different areas of operation and as a result Cranbrook is ready to take any amount of training or work given to us within a given time it has a team of self-motivated and diligent people.


The services provided are well looked after and monitored by Abodun I. Sheu as the Programme Director of the outfit. Abiodun I. Sheu who is a fellow of the Chartered Association for Certified Accountant with more than 20 years post qualification experience has been involved in capacity and development building, financial and tax consulting. He has trained in various area relating to financial management & investment appraisal, World Bank procurement, budgeting and budgetary control, government accounting, public sector financial management, International public sector accounting standards, international financial reporting standards and auditing to mention a few.

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